Our Story | Journey to Becoming a Hot Girl

soo... I'm naturally long-winded (I'm a romance author, too) but... it's worth the read, I promise...

Since I was a young lady, like in middle school, I always loved smell-goods. Wearing them and smelling them. From my mom's body fragrances and oils and creams, I used to sneak into her bathroom before school [ she was in the military and often gone in the mornings] and spritz my little body in perfume and coat my skin in oils before heading out the door for the day.

And, at school, I doted over compliments from every body -- both boys and girls and sometimes even staff -- on how much I smelled good. Even back then, hearing "you smell good" was such a top-tier compliment for me. Even more so than being called pretty.

Being told I smelled good made me feel supremely feminine, girly, and like a classy lady... which, interestingly enough, "Lady" just so happens to be a nickname I was given as a child and that everyone in my family still calls me til this very day.

I guess you can say, it's always been in me.

Fast forward to adulthood, I'm still the girl who loves smell goods, but I encountered a few skin issues (outside of acne) that I hadn't experienced as a child: eczema and ichthyosis... which caused my skin to become dry and fish-scaly. Nothing, absolutely nothing I was using before or new products I purchased had worked. Now, this is going to sound really, really weird... but, one day I got so frustrated with my skin after hopping out of the bath, slathering my legs in a lotion and still seeing those scaly lines on my skin, that as I moved on to doing my hair at the bathroom sink, I knocked over a bottle of hair oil.

I'm not one to waste product, LOL, so I shamelessly swiped up the oil from the floor and applied it to my hair... and also had this weird intuitive feeling to add that oil to my legs as well. When I tell you, I rubbed that oil into my skin and my legs stayed hydrated & moisturized throughout the night!!! Who would have thought? A hair oil worked to combat that fish scaly look on my legs! From that point on, I began using HAIR OIL on my legs! LOL! Friends caught me doing it a couple of times but it never bothered me. All I knew was that my skin was glazed and smooth like a donut, honey!!

For years I used hair oil on my skin and to make this long drawn out story shorter... random youtube recommendations on soap-making at the start of the pandemic jumpstarted my interest in creating my own body care products -- which ultimately led to me researching what exactly was in that hair oil that kept my skin moisturized and free of those scales for all of these years.

Today, I am so so proud to say that that hair oil's key ingredient that kept my skin glazed, is now a key ingredient in ALL of my body care products because it works. Now there's a whole lot of hydrated hotties in these streets!

Here's a few before and afters of my skin journey. Most people don't know what ichthyosis is, but so many women suffer in silence. That ends today. Let me help you gain the skinfidence that you DESERVE!

Stay Hydrated. Stay Blessed.

Jasemine Knowles

CEO, The Hydrated Hottie💦