Hydration & Glow Like No Otha!

The Hydrated Hottie is on a mission to help YOU upgrade your Body Care Drip & lock in that moisture while smelling like a tasty snack with your skin feeling soft & supple! Now that's hot girl ish!

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Summertime Fine Collection

💦Drip Tip #1: Exfoliate

Ashy who? Our foaming sugar scrubs buff away ashy, old dead skin cells to help renew and maintain soft, supple, youthful skin.

  • Soft & Feminine

    Live and breathe in your divine femininity and softness with these lush scents.

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  • "Drive 'Em Wild" Hottie

    Got a hot date lined up? Looking to get folded & flipped between his (or her) sheets after your sexy date night? Then these irresistible scents will leave YOU ingrained in their minds.

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  • Homebody Hottie

    Staying in, cuddled up with ya boo or a book or you just wanna relax, these scents are perfect.

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  • Sunday Funday

    Hittin the city for mimosas, chicken and waffles with your good girlfriends? These scents are perfect for a fun outing!

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  • Birthday Behavior

    Tryna be the MAIN CHARACTER all night? Live your life like its golden with these scents.

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  • Beach Bae + Vacay Away

    What's better than chilling beachside with a Tequila Sunrise? Smelling tropical & delicious too!

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The Hotties Are Talking

💦Drip Tip #3 | Ante Up the Glow

The Body Ody Oils are the ultimate "ante up" in locking in moisture to guarantee smooth, soft, glowing skin.

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  • We pride ourseleves on producing ultra-hydrating goods for Women Tappin' into their "THAT GIRL" inHERgy.

  • Our Body Buttahs, Scrubs, Oils, & more help YOU achieve skin you'll love to FLAUNT in these streetz.

  • Our goodies are handmade in small batches with clean & vegan skin-loving ingredients sourced through Black-owned farmer's markets and companies.