Overwhelmed & Struggling to Choose the Right Sex Toy?

Overwhelmed & Struggling to Choose the Right Sex Toy?

Choosing the right sex toy can be a real struggle, much like deciding what you're going to eat for dinner. Or, if you're like me, deciding what you want to wear for the day. It's mind-boggling. Why? Because there's just sooooo many toys to choose from.

We've got clit stimulators, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and the list goes on and on, that it is often a puzzling process that seems overwhelming to beginners and even the experienced user too. 

First, I just want to say, the first rule of shopping for a sex toy is to simply have fun and understand what it is that you like.

The second is to ask yourself a series of questions - Are you going to use it in water or no? Both? What do you know about your body? What turns you on? Are you the type that needs a little clit attention? Or, do you enjoy the thrusting penetration and clit stimulation combo? Does color matter to you? And, is this for solo dolo or partner play?

Everyone is different and you need to find a vibe that works for your body. You don't want to ruin your very first experience with a sex toy just because you rushed too fast into choosing the wrong option.

Little Miss Innocent has compiled a list of toys we have in our pleasure playground that is centered around your wants and needs.


The Little Miss Wanderlust | Massaging Wand

Skillset | Perfect for the beginner.

Dirty Deets | Pink with a round, vibrating head. Press it on top of your clit, click on the speed, and just relax.

Waterproof & Reviving Ability | Hell yeah! And, it's rechargeable!

Why it's Perfect for Beginners | The Little Miss Wanderlust is perfect for beginners because it's soft vibrations could actually be used as a handheld massaging device used to reduce those aches and pains from your body in addition to pleasuring you from a sexual standpoint. Its big sister is the Wanderlust.

The Satisfyer Pro 1 or 2 | Clit Stimulator

Skillset | Perfect for the beginner and experienced miss thang.

Dirty Deets | Before diving in, we need to talk about this name, right? In my opinion, it should've been spelled the SatisfyHER. Because, honey, this baby speaks to its name. The Satisfyer is designed to stimulate your clitoris without touching it. Instead, you place the large head of the toy over your clitoris, and pulsating waves of air deliver pleasure. Happy users such as myself have compared the sensation to cunnilingus. It's gold! Rose-gold!

Waterproof & Reviving Ability | Hell yeah! And, it's rechargeable!

Why it's Perfect for Beginners and Intermediates | The Satisfyer is perfect for both beginners and intermediates because you don't have to do much to get your orgasm. Literally, once you have got it in the right place on your clit, you just keep it where it is and let it perform its magic. And, listen! With eleven levels of airwave pulsations, this toy is primed to take you by storm. *


The Luna Achilles | G-Spot/Clit Vibrator

Skillset | Perfect for the intermediate 

Dirty Deets | Achilles comes with two 10-speed motors. It's a dual stimulator for both the clit and the G-spot, miss thang!

Waterproof & Reviving Ability | Hell yeah! Batteries revive this ride!

Why it's Perfect for Intermediates  | The Luna Achilles is amazing for intermediates and advance babes because of its dual stimulation. It has the perfect “heels” edge to give a comfortable feel to the body! Not to mention, it's a quiet lover.


LELO Sona | Clit Stimulator to the Max!

Skillset | Ahhhmazing for the advanced adventurer!

Dirty Deets | Instead of a sex toy that uses a vibrating motor (like most clitoral stimulators), the LELO Sona uses sonic pulses and waves to stimulate the clitoris. LELO states that it stimulates the whole clitoris, not just the external parts. By that, they mean that most vibrators can only access the clitoral glans (the external bit that peeks out), which leaves most of the clitoris (the internal) unstimulated. Instead, the Sona is said to use its sonic pulses to resonate deep into the internal clitoral structures! 

Waterproof & Reviving Ability | Hell yeah! What's even better, it's rechargeable! 

Why it's Perfect for Advancers | The LELO Sona is perfect for the advanced babe because it's unlike any clit stimulator on the market. It uses airwaves to magically tap your clitoris. LELO likens this to the same feeling of sound waves throughout your body when standing in front of a huge speaker!


Svakom Ella | Vibrating Fun with Bae

Skillset | ALL levels

Dirty Deets |Listen! This is something you and the boo need for a fun night out on town! He gets to feel in control by using the APP to control the vibrations you feel. The egg itself is controlled Bluetooth via an App with intelligent features and ergonomic design.

Waterproof & Reviving Ability | Hell yeah! What's even better, it's rechargeable! 

Why it's Perfect for Couples | You can play with different intensities through 5+1 modes in the APP. Also, you can enjoy ELLA without the App. Its ribbed design can offer you a better stimulation by increasing the interaction between you and your partner! Intelligent functions, a ribbed design, strong vibration and whisper quiet. I hope this Bullet Egg will bring the greatest excitement into your world!

Still unsure, have fun and explore all the pleasurable available in our shop and read the details to further help you. Remember, it's all about your pleasure. Make it a priority, miss thang!

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